After an extended hiatus from my website, I’m back baby! In my journey from being a student to becoming a working professional, I lost touch with the hobbies I was able to share on the web. After a few life and lifestyle changes starting this year (I’ll spare you the details), new determination and clarity has drawn me back here, and in some ways, back to my roots. Picking up photography is likely the greatest new addition to the site; you’ll see plenty of images cropping up soon.

On that note…

These are my favorite shots from my first day of shooting RAW. Plenty more shots will be taken from this view and I can’t wait to see the difference experience makes.

In addition to diving headfirst into photography, I’ve picked up web design and development freelancing again. With two projects completed already this year, I’ve had my work cut out for me. New clients can often be my most influential trigger for inspiration, so I hope to keep up the pace. You can see samples of my work at my showcase.

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