Welcome to nickkarstedt.com. I’m Nick Karstedt. I can probably be best described as a long time technology enthusiast.

My first real interest beyond simply using computers was in 2001 (I was almost 12 at the time) when I started coding PC games. In 2005 I prereleased Super Mario 2.5D (What was to be a full remake of Super Mario Bros rendered in 3D) and it was widely spread around the internet. A crashed computer and corrupted hard drive later, the prerelease was all I was left with.

Shortly after my hiatus from coding, I began learning Java formally in school. To fill the gaps, I began writing electronic music in FL Studio (Most of which you can find here).

Once I graduated and got accepted to Georgia State University for Computer Science, Google’s mobile platform Android was released. This was an event I had anticipated. Once I purchased my phone, I began developing apps and games for it. The best of these can be found here.

Though I’ve done a bit of programming for android since my first 2 years, I have focused lately on web design and web programming. I learned HTML at a young age and have since learned CSS and PHP, and I constantly push my design skills in industry standard software like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I have done a few websites for small businesses and am looking to do many more. It is not only a job, but it is a hobby that I take a lot of pride in. Samples of my work and more information can be found here.

Currently, I work as a product manager at Aware Software. There, I design and develop our web platforms as well as custom branded portals for our many customers.