Android Apps

I have released a number of Android apps. If you have an Android based phone, such as the T-Mobile G1, check them out on the market by searching for them individually or searching " pub:"Nick Karstedt" " to see them all (Without the outer quotes).

Go To Url!

Go To Url! is a simple app that prompts for a URL or a search term to find without opening the browser first. It includes Google, Google Images, Google Maps, Wikipedia, IMDB,, Amazon, Ebay, and the Android Market built in. You can also add your own custom searches with virtually any website or search engine. If you enter a search term and use Go To Url!, it will use Google's I'm Feelin' Lucky. Find what you need faster and easier than ever before!


This is a free game similar to "Bejeweled". With many block and sound sets to choose from, it is much more customizable than the original. Now with high scores and smooth animations.

Number Brain Teaser Pack

This is a collection of number brain teasers including Otto (The stand-alone I released), different Magic Squares, slider puzzles, and Mastermind!